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Mangalsutra and the Millennial Brides 2022: Indian Tradition

Mangalsutra is a special symbol of love and commitment. It is considered to be a symbol of conjugal bliss and marital harmony in Hindu traditions. An Indian mangalsutra is an important part of traditional Hindu weddings. In fact, it typically holds as much meaning for the female partner as a wedding band does for the male.

It is a sacred thread that is worn by married Hindu women and is considered to be very auspicious. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of millennial brides opting for a more modern and stylish mangalsutra. While the traditional mangalsutra is made of black beads, the new mangalsutras are often made with diamonds or other precious stones. They are also often much more delicate and sleek, making them more suitable for everyday wear.

The idea behind having a mangalsutra at your wedding ceremony is meant to symbolize your bond to each other as well as your commitment toward each other's well-being in life and marriage. It signifies that you want to be with each other.

For many women, it is a way to celebrate their culture and heritage. It is also a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery that they can wear every day.

A mangalsutra can be made of many different materials including gold, silver, pearls and diamonds. However, today's modern brides are turning away from the traditional thread in favour of a more modern equivalent. They are attracted to the idea of wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry that they feel proud to wear while they celebrate their new status as married women.

Many millennial brides are drawn to the idea of a more modern mangalsutra because it feels more in line with their personal style. They also appreciate that it is a more subtle way of symbolizing their marital status.

However, many millennial brides are turning away from the traditional mangalsutra and looking for a more modern equivalent.

Many modern brides are drawn to the idea of a more modern mangalsutra because it feels more in line with their personal style. From the traditional thread to the modern-day diamond studded designs these brides can choose from, the mangalsutra offers an eclectic range of styles for different wedding themes. These options are more modern and unique as opposed to the more traditional and basic thread style.

Tying a traditional mangalsutra around your neck does feel a little like a fashion noose! Instead, look for contemporary designs that you can wear around your neck in a way that is beautiful and easy to adjust to your personal style. This way, you can find a mangalsutra that is just as meaningful as the traditional one but that also feels like a better fit for you

A contemporary 'mangalsutra' of your own is something that every bride should consider whether it will replace the traditional wedding band or not. The great thing about sun sea jewellers is how we try to put a different spin on traditional wear. Whether you're looking for a simple, designer mangalsutra or a diamond-studded one, we've got you covered.

To summarize, a modern mangalsutra is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your traditional wedding attire and complement the groom's band. For many brides, it really is their favourite part of their wedding wear and a piece they will treasure for years to come!

Here you can see some examples of the different styles available for a modern mangalsutra. Do you have a unique mangalsutra that you've personally worn?

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