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Sanjeev Garg 

The Gemstone Titan & Architect of SUN SEA Brand

Steeped in the legacy of luxury, Sanjeev Garg isn't just a name but an institution in the world of gemology and high-end jewelry. His vision, drive, and sheer mastery have paved the way for an empire that shines bright in the jewelry space.

Academic Brilliance:

Entrepreneurial Odyssey:

Designer & Visionary:

Ideology& Mission:

The Power Connector:

A proud alumnus of Hansraj College with a degree in History Honours, Sanjeev's unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him to the shores of Canada, and subsequently, India, where he immersed himself in the world of gemmology, mastering its in-depth.

Since 1984, with grit, foresight, and an indomitable spirit, Sanjeev has transformed his dream into reality, building the 'SUN SEA Brand' from the ground up. It wasn’t just about starting a business; it was about creating a legacy.

With every piece he touches,Sanjeev showcases an innate talent for designing and styling. A great believer of spiritual living,he crafts not just jewelry, but a personal narrative for the wearer validating his title-Gem Guru.

At the core of Sanjeev's endeavours lies a simple yet profound philosophy: "A Big Good Place to Do Business."-ensuring an ocean of happy customers, whose joy and satisfaction are eternal.

Beyond gems and jewels, Sanjeev's charming personality as a formidable connector stands testament to his vast network and influential collaborations, making him cheer leaderin the industry.

Discoveryour journey with Sanjeev Garg – where gemology meets grandeur, and every jewel tells a story of passion, precision, and power. and perhaps, your destined lucky stone awaits, ready to swiftly shift your stars.


Seema Garg

The Jewel Trendsetter

In the ever-shifting sands of jewelry fashion, Seema Garg stands as a beacon, consistently illuminating the path of upcoming trends. With a divine blessing for forecasting, she crafts today what the world will desire tomorrow.

Academic Luminary:

Legacy & Leadership:

Design & Dedication:

Guidance & Integrity

Vision for the Future:


An illustrious Gold Medallist from Jammu University, Seema's profound insights don't just stem from her keen eye for design but also from her masterful grasp of human psychology, holding an MA in Psychology.

Since 1985, Seema has been the force behind the esteemed 'SUN SEA BRAND'. Her journey in the space of jewelry isn't just about crafting pieces but about weaving dreams and aspirations into marvellous art.

At the heart of her success is a firm commitment to design and sale. Every piece curated under her watchful eye is a testament to her passion, foresight, and unmatched expertise.

Seema's clients value her not just for her stunning designs but for her forthright and fair guidance. She doesn't just sell jewelry; she builds lasting relationships rooted in trust.

With an ever-burning desire to see her legacy soar, Seema's aspirations are now pinned on Saurav, whom she envisions rising above the horizon, taking the Garg legacy to unparalleled heights.

Dive into Seema Garg's world, where jewelry isn't just an accessory but a prophecy of fashion's future.


Saurav Garg

The Diamond Maestro

With sound academic lineage and unparalleled expertise, Saurav Garg stands as an unmatched authority in the realm of diamonds.

Educational Odyssey:

A proud alumnus of Symbiosis, Pune, with an MBA earned in 2005, Saurav's deep dive into the diamond universe began with a gemology degree from IGI GTL in 2001. This was further enriched with a Diamond Diploma from IDI, Surat in 2002, culminating in his status as a Diamond Graduate from the revered GIA, London in 2007.

Since joining the industry in 2002, Saurav has been the driving force behind GemTre, skilfully managing its intricacies and supporting the back operations of the precious jewels section.

Few can rival his mastery in diamond colour grading and identification. It's not just a profession for Saurav; it's an art he has meticulously honed.

Beyond diamonds, Saurav's passions stroll through the serene paths of gardening, the expansive realms of celestial sciences, and the ever-evolving world of tech and software.

Visionary Roadmap:


With an ambitious vision to take designer jewelry to major population, Saurav aims to unveil chain stores across India in the next five years. His mantra is to deliver purity, setting trends, and upholding quality at the highpoint of standards.

Want to create your diamond story better or get the perfect piece for a special occasion? Saurav is your man.


Signature Skillset

Interests & Pursuits:

Radhu Garg

The Glam Gear Genius

In the ever-shining world of jewelry design, Radhu Garg is a brilliant persona that weaves history, elegance, and innovation around jewelry styling, especially for special events. With each creation, she crafts not just a piece of jewelry but a timeless tale.

Academic Alchemy:

Radhu's journey began with a solid foundation, graduating from JMC. However, her true calling echoed from the chambers of the esteemed IGI GTL GJEPC, a government institute, where she explored the art and science of jewelry engineering for an intense three years.

Antique Affection:

Radhu's heart resonates with the stories of bygone eras. Her expertise lies in curating and crafting exclusive antique jewelry. Each piece she touches vibrates with a history, an interesting narrative, and a happy soul.

Innovation Incarnate:

 Not one to rest on her laurels, Radhu constantly marries traditional techniques with contemporary designs. It's this unique blend of the old and new that has crowned her the 'Glam Gear Genius'.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-23 at 1.23_edited.jpg

Vision & Virtue:

Radhu believes that jewelry is more than adornment; it's a treasure, a strong milestone of past times and a great inspiration for future generations. She's not just preserving history; she's creating it by her expertise.

Want to find your jewelry voice?Radhu’s personal consultations are a great place to start.

Step into Radhu’s world, where every gem has a story, every metal has a memory, and every design is a doorway to another era.

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