About Us

sunseajewellers.com is one of India’s largest supplier and collector of Diamond Solitaires and Authentic Healed Certified Gemstones & Certified Diamond Jewellery.

We are in the offline Jewellery business from the last 35 years and we are happy to bring our trust and commitment to our customers and beyond online too.

We offer the one of the best collection of IGI & GIA Certified Diamond Solitaires, diamond jewellery and authentic birthstones in the world.

Empowered Gemstones, Certified Solitaires & Diamond Jewellery is dispatched daily to our loyal customers all over India.

At www.sunseajewellers.com. we help our customers save up to 30% over retail prices. It is only possible to deliver at low price because of our low overheads and zero inventory costs and expertise in procurement of raw material and majorly inhouse production of diamond jewellery.


www.sunseajewellers.com is India's leading Jeweller showcasing more than 100000 Certified Solitaires from the most reputed labs around the world.

99% of our Diamond Solitaires are laser engraved on the diamond itself. You can yourself check its authenticity online from any of the related issuing laboratory.

Renowned Certification Laboratories :

International Gemological Laboratories Belgium - IGI

Gemological Institute of America - GIA

Antwerp World Diamond Center - HRD

We cater in Round Brilliant cuts, Heart Shape, Princess Cut, Emerald Cut, Pear Shapes, Oval Shape, Marquise Cut, Cushion Cut, Radiant Cut.

Right now are not catering to Fancy Natural Coloured Diamonds like Pinks, Greens, Champagne and Blues etc.

Our Fortee:

Size - .30 cents to .70 cents for small rings and earrings

1 ct + Solitaires upto 10 carat + sizes.


Colour - D - Z

Cut - Excellent to Fair

Clarity - IF to Si Purity

We only deal in conflict free diamonds which follow the Kimberley process only.



At sunseajewellers.com, We don’t believe in selling a stone only because its a matter of more than just trust as it shapes up your life forever. We have highly professional gemologists and astrologers on our panel who go through every gemstone before it is being energized and shipped to you.

We give you the best available gemstone in the weight range you would need along with the range you would need it in.


Navratan Gemstones :

Neelam - Blue Sapphire

Phukhraj - Yellow Sapphire

Manik - Ruby

Panna - Emerald

Moti - Pearl

Heera - Diamond

Lehsunia - Cats Eye

Gomed - Hessonite Garnet

Monga – Coral

All of our Precious gemstones are original with certificates.

All our precious gemstones and their semi-precious substitutes are purely natural and best as per respective price range.

Also all our gemstones for astrological purposes are already enlightened and powered by our astrologers. Most of our customers benefit and feel positive and strong after wearing our healed astrological gemstones.

*We strongly recommend you to consult your astrologer before wearing any gemstone and we do not guarantee any effects whatsoever.


Diamond Jewellery

At sunseajewellers.com We have a dedicated team of professional diamond assorters, graders and artisans who have been into manufacturing since more than 30 years and also with state of art machinery.

Each and every piece goes through rigorous quality checks at every process.

Be it a stunning Diamond Ring for engagement or a cocktail colour stone ring for your magical fingers.

Be it splendid Vali’s Jhumkis Tops or Chandlers, All that matters is that suits you on different occasions.

For your High Class kitty parties and Special functions we have beautiful Necklace sets and alluring Pendant Sets.

Mangalsutra is blessing of your divine marriage, we care with awesome tanmaniya mangalsutra pendant and pendant sets for you in your budget.

For the sweet girl in you, we have cute bracelets and some designer bangles to adorn your wrists along with AU Finja Dubai Gold Bangles.

In short we cater to everything you can imagine in jewellery - nosepin, charm bracelet, kadas, initials pendants, god pendants, hoops, drops, chandbalis, pearl jewellery, gemstone jewellery

And jewellery for your men in life - Tie pins, cufflinks, kurta buttons, rings, chains, bracelets, single ear earring studs,

Finally every piece is uniquely hallmarked with its diamond details being engraved on every piece of diamond Jewellery.

For Customised and budget designing in any Jewellery please contact us on email with your requirements and we will get it done in no time.

Stone Solitaires is managed by professionals who know the diamond Jewellery industry inside out.

We have range of Jewelry that suits every pocket. Diamond Jewellery starts at just Rs.3000. Still we don’t compromise on quality.


Production Process

We work very hard for perfection of our jewellery. Starting from the raw gold to conversion into 14 and 18kt gold, loose diamond assortment to making of shanks for jewellery to polishing and to finally platinum or gold finishing of the piece of jewellery as per requirements. We take every piece of jewellery as exquisite art and each and every step is supervised to utmost detail. Still flaws if any are redone from the beginning. 

Our diamonds have excellent cut and are set to precision.

We only believe in superb craftsmanship & exclusivity of our products.


We value our Customers feedback and work towards removing our flaws if any.

StoneSolitaires believe in the highest level of customer satisfaction with best in the industry practices like Free Shipping, 14kt & 18kt Diamond Jewellery and 22kt BIS Hallmark Gold Jewellery, hassle free returns, 100% certified jewellery, life-time exchange. 

Still if any complaints and suggestions, feedback is most sought for.


      International Certified Solitaire Diamonds

      IGI - GIA - HRD

      100% Certified and Conflict Free Diamonds

      BIS Hallmarked Jewellery

      Secure & On-time delivery

      15 - Day Return Policy

      Lifelong Exchange